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SANISPLIT Small bore macerator pump.

A guide to successful installation.

These are intended to be installed in the same room and adjacent to the fittings that will discharge into the pump. Typically this would be; - in a bathroom for a toilet, basin, shower: in a kitchen / laundry where the pump would be installed under the sink / tub.

In "public" toilets a Profisplit / Sanisplit 1000 is recommended.

Other locations are possible, but the installer should be aware that additional costs may be incurred for the pump to work to specification. These will be site specific. Mounting on an external wall:- Sanisplit is not weatherproof. If used outside it must be in a self-draining weatherproof box large enough to allow easy access for maintenance.

Install the Sanisplit in a way that allows easy detachment of the "pump" half. Remember – you may be the plumber who has to service it in the event of a blockage. Some Councils will not allow installation away from the fittings to be drained.

Mounting under the floor:- Consult us first. Extra venting may be needed. Discharge pipe:- 40mm waste pipe preferred but 32mm acceptable. Use 2 x 45° in preference to 1 x 90°. If the head more than 3m recommend a check valve at base of riser. Bends will reduce the flow rate.

Where possible pump immediately to the highest point, and then have a fall to the sewer connection. All pipe work should be to Building Code practice.

High volume / flow outlets (sinks, tubs):- Sanisplit should be installed under the fixture. Commercial kitchens (cafes etc.) should have a grease trap fitted before the Sanisplit. To protect against power failure a solenoid valve may be fitted to turn off the water supply and prevent flooding. NO tampons NO sanitary pads NO condoms NO paper towels

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